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+-- Engine.Actor
   +-- Engine.Info
      +-- Engine.GameInfo
         +-- Botpack.TournamentGameInfo
            +-- Botpack.DeathMatchPlus
               +-- Botpack.TeamGamePlus
                  +-- Botpack.Assault
                     +-- Botpack.TrainingAS

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from Botpack.Assault
Attacker, AttackMessage, bAssaultWon, bDefenseSet, BestFort, bFortDown, bTiePartOne, CurrentDefender, Defender, DefenderSuccess, DefendMessage, Defenses, Destroyer, EndCam, Fort[16], GameCode, LastIncoming, Leader[4], NumDefenses, numForts, ObjectivesMessage, Part, SavedTime, TieMessage, WinMessage
Inherited Variables from Botpack.TeamGamePlus
bBalanceTeams, bBalancing, bNoTeamChanges, bPlayersBalanceTeams, bScoreTeamKills, bSpawnInTeamArea, CurrentOrders[4], FriendlyFireScale, GoalTeamScore, MaxAllowedTeams, MaxTeams, MaxTeamSize, NextBotTeam, NumSupportingPlayer, PlayerTeamNum, StartUpTeamMessage, StartupTeamTralier, TeamChangeMessage, TeamColor[4], TeamPrefix, Teams[4], TEAM_Blue, TEAM_Gold, TEAM_Green, TEAM_Red

Functions Summary
function ASTutEvent0 ()))
function ASTutEvent1 ()))
function ASTutEvent10 ()))
function ASTutEvent11 ()))
function ASTutEvent12 ()))
function ASTutEvent2 ()))
function ASTutEvent3 ()))
function ASTutEvent4 ()))
function ASTutEvent5 ()))
function ASTutEvent6 ()))
function ASTutEvent7 ()))
function ASTutEvent8 ()))
function ASTutEvent9 ()))
function BeginState ()))
function EndGame (string Reason ))
event InitGame (string Options, out string Error ))
function InitRatedGame (LadderInventory LadderObj, PlayerPawn LadderPlayer))
eventplayerpawn Login (string Portal, string Options, out string Error, class<playerpawn> SpawnClass ))
function Timer ()))
function Timer ()))
function TutorialSound (string NewSound ))
Inherited Functions from Botpack.Assault
AddDefaultInventory, AssessBotAttitude, AttackFort, AttackOnlyLocalFort, BestFortFor, CalcEndStats, ChangeTeam, ElectNewLeaderFor, FallBackTo, FindPathToFortFor, FindPlayerStart, FindSpecialAttractionFor, GameThreatAdd, HandleTieUp, InitGame, InitRatedGame, IsOnTeam, Killed, NeverStakeOut, PickAmbushSpotFor, PlayStartUpMessage, PostBeginPlay, RemoveFort, ResetGame, RestartGame, RestartPlayer, SendBotToGoal, SendStartMessage, SetBotOrders, SetDefenseFor, SetEndCams, SuccessfulGame, WaitForPoint
Inherited Functions from Botpack.TeamGamePlus
AddBot, AddToTeam, AssessBotAttitude, CanSpectate, ChangeTeam, CheckReady, ClearOrders, FindPlayerStart, FindSpecialAttractionFor, FindTeamByName, GetRules, GetTeam, HandleTieUp, InitGame, InitGameReplicationInfo, InitRatedGame, IsOnTeam, LogGameParameters, Login, Logout, PickAmbushSpotFor, PlayStartUpMessage, PostBeginPlay, PostLogin, PriorityObjective, ReBalance, ReduceDamage, ScoreKill, SendBotToGoal, SetAttractionStateFor, SetBotOrders, SetDefenseFor, SetEndCams, SuccessfulGame, WaitForPoint

States Summary
ServerTravel Source code
state ServerTravel
BeginState, Timer

Variables Detail

AS[13] Source code

var string AS[13];

EventIndex Source code

var int EventIndex;

EventTimer Source code

var int EventTimer;

LastEvent Source code

var int LastEvent;

Trainee Source code

var PlayerPawn Trainee;

TutMessage[25] Source code

var localized string TutMessage[25];

Functions Detail

ASTutEvent0 Source code

function ASTutEvent0 ( ) )

ASTutEvent1 Source code

function ASTutEvent1 ( ) )

ASTutEvent10 Source code

function ASTutEvent10 ( ) )

ASTutEvent11 Source code

function ASTutEvent11 ( ) )

ASTutEvent12 Source code

function ASTutEvent12 ( ) )

ASTutEvent2 Source code

function ASTutEvent2 ( ) )

ASTutEvent3 Source code

function ASTutEvent3 ( ) )

ASTutEvent4 Source code

function ASTutEvent4 ( ) )

ASTutEvent5 Source code

function ASTutEvent5 ( ) )

ASTutEvent6 Source code

function ASTutEvent6 ( ) )

ASTutEvent7 Source code

function ASTutEvent7 ( ) )

ASTutEvent8 Source code

function ASTutEvent8 ( ) )

ASTutEvent9 Source code

function ASTutEvent9 ( ) )

BeginState ServerTravel Source code

function BeginState ( ) )

EndGame Source code

function EndGame ( string Reason ) )

InitGame Source code

event InitGame ( string Options, out string Error ) )

InitRatedGame Source code

function InitRatedGame ( LadderInventory LadderObj, PlayerPawn LadderPlayer) )

Login Source code

event playerpawn Login ( string Portal, string Options, out string Error, class<playerpawn> SpawnClass ) )

Timer Source code

function Timer ( ) )

Timer ServerTravel Source code

function Timer ( ) )

TutorialSound Source code

function TutorialSound ( string NewSound ) )


     TutMessage(0)="Welcome to Assault combat training. This tutorial will instruct you on the basic rules of AS. Tutorials on DeathMatch, Domination, and Capture the Flag are also available."
     TutMessage(1)="The first thing you'll notice upon entering an Assault game is the large digital time display to the left of your HUD. This timer counts away the seconds until the game ends. Time is critical in an Assault game."
     TutMessage(2)="The game consists of two teams, each with a unique goal. You are on the attacking team. Your job is to penetrate the enemy base and destroy several key locations. If you fail to succeed in the allotted time, you lose."
     TutMessage(3)="The opposing team are the defenders. The defender's job is to protect their base and key locations from the assaulting team."
     TutMessage(4)="If you succeed in taking the enemy base as an attacker, then you must play the role of the defender for the same length of time."
     TutMessage(5)="To clarify, if you have 20 minutes to take the enemy base and you succeed in 10, then the map will restart and you must defend the base for 10 minutes. The longer it takes you to succeed in attacking, the longer you must defend the base."
     TutMessage(6)="Each assault map is unique in design. It may take time to learn the layout and develop strategies to attack or defend successfully."
     TutMessage(7)="At the start of every match, you are in spectator mode. Feel free to fly around and explore the map before play begins, to familiarize yourself with the environment."
     TutMessage(8)="When playing Assault with bots, you can use the 'orders menu' to command bot behavior. By hitting the v key, you can access the orders menu and deploy bots as you see fit."
     TutMessage(9)="The goal of this tutorial map is to break into the enemy base and destroy a prototype plasma tank. I'm going to summon two enemy bots to try and stop you, but you'll have a buddy to assist."
     TutMessage(10)="Some explosive has been set on the cave wall near the enemy base. Use your weapon to light the fuse then get back! Use the breach the explosive creates to enter the enemy base and take out the tank!"
     TutMessage(11)="Watch out for the enemy bot guarding the base and plasma turrets. Good luck!"
     TutMessage(12)="Congratulations! You've succeeded in destroying the plasma tank. Now its time to enter the Assault Tournament Ladder."
     GameName="Combat Training: AS"

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