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+-- Engine.Actor
   +-- Engine.Info
      +-- Engine.GameInfo
         +-- Botpack.TournamentGameInfo
            +-- Botpack.DeathMatchPlus
               +-- Botpack.TeamGamePlus
                  +-- Botpack.CTFGame
                     +-- Botpack.TrainingCTF

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from Botpack.CTFGame
CaptureSound[4], LastGotFlag, LastSeeFlagCarrier, ReturnSound
Inherited Variables from Botpack.TeamGamePlus
bBalanceTeams, bBalancing, bNoTeamChanges, bPlayersBalanceTeams, bScoreTeamKills, bSpawnInTeamArea, CurrentOrders[4], FriendlyFireScale, GoalTeamScore, MaxAllowedTeams, MaxTeams, MaxTeamSize, NextBotTeam, NumSupportingPlayer, PlayerTeamNum, StartUpTeamMessage, StartupTeamTralier, TeamChangeMessage, TeamColor[4], TeamPrefix, Teams[4], TEAM_Blue, TEAM_Gold, TEAM_Green, TEAM_Red

Functions Summary
function BeginState ()))
function CTFTutEvent0 ()))
function CTFTutEvent1 ()))
function CTFTutEvent10 ()))
function CTFTutEvent11 ()))
function CTFTutEvent12 ()))
function CTFTutEvent13 ()))
function CTFTutEvent14 ()))
function CTFTutEvent15 ()))
function CTFTutEvent16 ()))
function CTFTutEvent17 ()))
function CTFTutEvent18 ()))
function CTFTutEvent19 ()))
function CTFTutEvent2 ()))
function CTFTutEvent20 ()))
function CTFTutEvent21 ()))
function CTFTutEvent22 ()))
function CTFTutEvent23 ()))
function CTFTutEvent24 ()))
function CTFTutEvent3 ()))
function CTFTutEvent4 ()))
function CTFTutEvent5 ()))
function CTFTutEvent6 ()))
function CTFTutEvent7 ()))
function CTFTutEvent8 ()))
function CTFTutEvent9 ()))
function EndGame (string Reason ))
event InitGame (string Options, out string Error ))
function InitRatedGame (LadderInventory LadderObj, PlayerPawn LadderPlayer))
eventplayerpawn Login (string Portal, string Options, out string Error, class<playerpawn> SpawnClass ))
functionbool SuccessfulGame ()))
function Tick (float DeltaTime))
function Tick (float DeltaTime))
function Timer ()))
function Timer ()))
function TutorialSound (string NewSound ))
Inherited Functions from Botpack.CTFGame
AllowTranslocation, AssessBotAttitude, CalcEndStats, CanTranslocate, CheckForTranslocators, CheckThisTranslocator, FindPathToBase, FindSpecialAttractionFor, GameThreatAdd, InitGame, Killed, Logout, PickAmbushSpotFor, PriorityObjective, ReduceDamage, RestartPlayer, ScoreFlag, ScoreKill, SetBotOrders, SetDefenseFor, SetEndCams
Inherited Functions from Botpack.TeamGamePlus
AddBot, AddToTeam, AssessBotAttitude, CanSpectate, ChangeTeam, CheckReady, ClearOrders, FindPlayerStart, FindSpecialAttractionFor, FindTeamByName, GetRules, GetTeam, HandleTieUp, InitGame, InitGameReplicationInfo, InitRatedGame, IsOnTeam, LogGameParameters, Login, Logout, PickAmbushSpotFor, PlayStartUpMessage, PostBeginPlay, PostLogin, PriorityObjective, ReBalance, ReduceDamage, ScoreKill, SendBotToGoal, SetAttractionStateFor, SetBotOrders, SetDefenseFor, SetEndCams, SuccessfulGame, WaitForPoint

States Summary
FreeRunning1 Source code
state FreeRunning1
FreeRunning2 Source code
state FreeRunning2
ServerTravel Source code
state ServerTravel
BeginState, Timer

Variables Detail

bOldAutoTaunt Source code

var bool bOldAutoTaunt;

bPause Source code

var bool bPause;

CTF[27] Source code

var string CTF[27];

EventIndex Source code

var int EventIndex;

EventTimer Source code

var int EventTimer;

LastEvent Source code

var int LastEvent;

SoundIndex Source code

var int SoundIndex;

Trainee Source code

var PlayerPawn Trainee;

TutMessage[30] Source code

var localized string TutMessage[30];

Functions Detail

BeginState ServerTravel Source code

function BeginState ( ) )

CTFTutEvent0 Source code

function CTFTutEvent0 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent1 Source code

function CTFTutEvent1 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent10 Source code

function CTFTutEvent10 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent11 Source code

function CTFTutEvent11 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent12 Source code

function CTFTutEvent12 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent13 Source code

function CTFTutEvent13 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent14 Source code

function CTFTutEvent14 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent15 Source code

function CTFTutEvent15 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent16 Source code

function CTFTutEvent16 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent17 Source code

function CTFTutEvent17 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent18 Source code

function CTFTutEvent18 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent19 Source code

function CTFTutEvent19 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent2 Source code

function CTFTutEvent2 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent20 Source code

function CTFTutEvent20 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent21 Source code

function CTFTutEvent21 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent22 Source code

function CTFTutEvent22 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent23 Source code

function CTFTutEvent23 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent24 Source code

function CTFTutEvent24 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent3 Source code

function CTFTutEvent3 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent4 Source code

function CTFTutEvent4 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent5 Source code

function CTFTutEvent5 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent6 Source code

function CTFTutEvent6 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent7 Source code

function CTFTutEvent7 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent8 Source code

function CTFTutEvent8 ( ) )

CTFTutEvent9 Source code

function CTFTutEvent9 ( ) )

EndGame Source code

function EndGame ( string Reason ) )

InitGame Source code

event InitGame ( string Options, out string Error ) )

InitRatedGame Source code

function InitRatedGame ( LadderInventory LadderObj, PlayerPawn LadderPlayer) )

Login Source code

event playerpawn Login ( string Portal, string Options, out string Error, class<playerpawn> SpawnClass ) )

SuccessfulGame Source code

function bool SuccessfulGame ( ) )

Tick FreeRunning1 Source code

function Tick ( float DeltaTime) )

Tick FreeRunning2 Source code

function Tick ( float DeltaTime) )

Timer Source code

function Timer ( ) )

Timer ServerTravel Source code

function Timer ( ) )

TutorialSound Source code

function TutorialSound ( string NewSound ) )


     TutMessage(0)="Welcome to Capture the Flag combat training. This tutorial will instruct you on the basic rules of CTF. Tutorials on DeathMatch, Domination, and Assault are also available."
     TutMessage(1)="Let's start by learning about the Heads Up Display (HUD). CTF adds a few new elements to the HUD you should be aware of."
     TutMessage(2)="Your HUD color indicates your team affiliation. Your HUD is red, indicating you are on the red team."
     TutMessage(3)="A blue HUD would indicate that you were on the blue team."
     TutMessage(4)="The two flag icons indicate the status of the red and blue flags. This allows you to obtain a quick overview of battlefield conditions."
     TutMessage(5)="We'll discuss the meaning of each flag status icon in a bit."
     TutMessage(6)="Just to the left of each flag status icon, is that team's score."
     TutMessage(7)="Now lets look at the elements CTF adds to the scoreboard..."
     TutMessage(8)="Capture the Flag uses the standard Unreal teamplay scoreboard configuration."
     TutMessage(9)="The left column lists the red team players and scores and the right column lists the blue team players and scores."
     TutMessage(10)="Notice your name and current score of 0 listed to the left. Above your name is the name of your team. Your team's current score is listed to the right of the team's name."
     TutMessage(11)="When a player in a CTF game is carrying the flag, a small dot will appear next to their name in the scoreboard."
     TutMessage(12)="This can be used to quickly determine which teammate to protect or which enemy to hunt down."
     TutMessage(13)="Now its time to learn the rules of Capture the Flag."
     TutMessage(14)="In Capture the Flag you can use the translocator. It works the same way as in Domination, with one minor change. You are not allowed to translocate and carry the flag at the same time. If you translocate while holding the enemy flag, you will successfully translocate, but will drop the flag on the ground. This prevents you from translocating back to your base after having captured the enemy flag."
     TutMessage(15)="Each CTF map has a red and a blue base. This is red base. Blue base is just down the hallway. Each base contains a flag."
     TutMessage(16)="In front of you is the red flag. The object of CTF is to capture the enemy team's flag while defending your own."
     TutMessage(17)="Let's give it a try. Run to the blue base and touch their flag to pick it up. Grab any equipment you find along the way."
     TutMessage(18)="Great! Now you have the enemy flag. The flashing yellow message is to remind you that once you have the flag, you need to return it to your base to score."
     TutMessage(19)="Notice the blue team flag status icon changed. Now it indicates that a red team player is in possession of the flag. Blue team is in trouble!"
     TutMessage(20)="Take the flag back to your base and touch the red flag to capture the blue flag and score."
     TutMessage(21)="Great job! You captured the enemy flag and scored a point for your team. Wasn't so hard, now, was it?"
     TutMessage(22)="Its about to get harder. In a few seconds, I'm going to spawn two blue team bots and a red teammate you can practice with."
     TutMessage(23)="There is one last status icon to tell you about. If a player drops the flag while carrying it, his team's flag status icon will change to a flag icon containing a downward arrow."
     TutMessage(24)="If you find your flag lying on the ground after you kill an enemy who was carrying it, touch it to automatically return it to your base."
     TutMessage(25)="This concludes the CTF tutorial. Let me spawn those practice bots for you. Good hunting!"
     TutMessage(26)="Congratulations! You have proven yourself to be a worthy CTF player. Now its time to enter the Capture the Flag Tournament Ladder."
     GameName="Combat Training: CTF"

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