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+-- UWindow.UWindowBase
   +-- UWindow.UWindowWindow
      +-- UWindow.UWindowClientWindow
         +-- UWindow.UWindowDialogClientWindow
            +-- UWindow.UWindowPageWindow
               +-- UMenu.UMenuPageWindow
                  +-- UMenu.UMenuGameRulesBase
                     +-- UTMenu.UTRulesCWindow

Direct Known Subclasses:

UTLMSRulesCW, UTTeamRCWindow

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from UMenu.UMenuGameRulesBase
bControlRight, BotmatchParent, ControlOffset, FragEdit, FragHelp, FragText, Initialized, MaxPlayersEdit, MaxPlayersHelp, MaxPlayersText, MaxSpectatorsEdit, MaxSpectatorsHelp, MaxSpectatorsText, TimeEdit, TimeHelp, TimeText, WeaponsCheck, WeaponsHelp, WeaponsText

Functions Summary
function BeforePaint (Canvas C, float X, float Y))
function Created ()))
function ForceRespawnChanged ()))
function FragChanged ()))
function LoadCurrentValues ()))
function MaxPlayersChanged ()))
function MaxSpectatorsChanged ()))
function Notify (UWindowDialogControl C, byte E))
function SaveConfigs ()))
function SetupNetworkOptions ()))
function TimeChanged ()))
function TourneyChanged ()))
function WeaponsChecked ()))
Inherited Functions from UMenu.UMenuGameRulesBase
AfterCreate, BeforePaint, Created, FragChanged, LoadCurrentValues, MaxPlayersChanged, MaxSpectatorsChanged, Notify, SetupNetworkOptions, TimeChanged, WeaponsChecked
Inherited Functions from UMenu.UMenuPageWindow
Notify, Paint

Variables Detail

ForceRespawnCheck Source code

var UWindowCheckbox ForceRespawnCheck;

ForceRespawnHelp Source code

var localized string ForceRespawnHelp;

ForceRespawnText Source code

var localized string ForceRespawnText;

TourneyCheck Source code

var UWindowCheckbox TourneyCheck;

TourneyHelp Source code

var localized string TourneyHelp;

TourneyText Source code

var localized string TourneyText;

Functions Detail

BeforePaint Source code

function BeforePaint ( Canvas C, float X, float Y) )

Created Source code

function Created ( ) )

ForceRespawnChanged Source code

function ForceRespawnChanged ( ) )

FragChanged Source code

function FragChanged ( ) )

LoadCurrentValues Source code

function LoadCurrentValues ( ) )

MaxPlayersChanged Source code

function MaxPlayersChanged ( ) )

MaxSpectatorsChanged Source code

function MaxSpectatorsChanged ( ) )

Notify Source code

function Notify ( UWindowDialogControl C, byte E) )

SaveConfigs Source code

function SaveConfigs ( ) )

SetupNetworkOptions Source code

function SetupNetworkOptions ( ) )

TimeChanged Source code

function TimeChanged ( ) )

TourneyChanged Source code

function TourneyChanged ( ) )

WeaponsChecked Source code

function WeaponsChecked ( ) )


     TourneyHelp="If checked, each player must indicate they are ready by clicking their fire button before the match begins."
     ForceRespawnText="Force Respawn"
     ForceRespawnHelp="If checked, players will be automatically respawned when they die, without waiting for the user to press Fire."

Overview Package Class Source Class tree Glossary
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