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+-- Engine.Actor
   +-- Engine.Info
      +-- Engine.GameInfo
         +-- UnrealShare.UnrealGameInfo
            +-- UnrealShare.DeathMatchGame
               +-- UnrealI.KingOfTheHill

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from UnrealShare.DeathMatchGame
bAlreadyChanged, bChangeLevels, bDontRestart, bGameEnded, bHardCoreMode, bMegaSpeed, bMultiPlayerBots, BotConfig, BotConfigType, FragLimit, GlobalNameChange, InitialBots, NoNameChange, NumBots, RemainingBots, RemainingTime, TimeLimit, TimeMessage[16]
Inherited Variables from UnrealShare.UnrealGameInfo
BurnedMessage, CorrodedMessage, DeathMessage[32], DeathModifier[5], DeathPrep, DeathTerm, DeathVerb, DrownedMessage, ExplodeMessage, FallMessage, HackedMessage, HeadLossMessage[2], MajorDeathMessage[8], SuicideMessage

Functions Summary
function CrownNewKing (pawn newKing))
function Killed (pawn killer, pawn Other, name damageType))
Inherited Functions from UnrealShare.DeathMatchGame
AcceptInventory, AddBot, CanSpectate, ChangeName, EndGame, FindPlayerStart, GetIntOption, GetRules, InitGame, IsRelevant, Killed, LogGameParameters, Login, Logout, PlayerJumpZScaling, PlaySpawnEffect, PostBeginPlay, ReduceDamage, RestartGame, SetGameSpeed, ShouldRespawn, Timer
Inherited Functions from UnrealShare.UnrealGameInfo
CreatureKillMessage, KillMessage, PlayerKillMessage, PlaySpawnEffect, PlayTeleportEffect, ReduceDamage, ShouldRespawn

Variables Detail

king Source code

var pawn king;

KingMessage Source code

var localized string KingMessage;

Functions Detail

CrownNewKing Source code

function CrownNewKing ( pawn newKing) )

Killed Source code

function Killed ( pawn killer, pawn Other, name damageType) )


     KingMessage=" is the new king of the hill!"
     GameName="King of the Hill"

Overview Package Class Source Class tree Glossary
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