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+-- UWindow.UWindowBase
   +-- UWindow.UWindowWindow
      +-- UWindow.UWindowClientWindow
         +-- UWindow.UWindowDialogClientWindow
            +-- UWindow.UWindowPageWindow
               +-- UMenu.UMenuPageWindow
                  +-- UMenu.UMenuGameRulesBase
                     +-- UMenu.UMenuGameRulesCWindow
                        +-- UMenu.UMenuTeamGameRulesCWindow

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from UMenu.UMenuGameRulesBase
bControlRight, BotmatchParent, ControlOffset, FragEdit, FragHelp, FragText, Initialized, MaxPlayersEdit, MaxPlayersHelp, MaxPlayersText, MaxSpectatorsEdit, MaxSpectatorsHelp, MaxSpectatorsText, TimeEdit, TimeHelp, TimeText, WeaponsCheck, WeaponsHelp, WeaponsText

Functions Summary
function BeforePaint (Canvas C, float X, float Y))
function Created ()))
function FFChanged ()))
function Notify (UWindowDialogControl C, byte E))
Inherited Functions from UMenu.UMenuGameRulesCWindow
FragChanged, LoadCurrentValues, MaxPlayersChanged, MaxSpectatorsChanged, TimeChanged, WeaponsChecked
Inherited Functions from UMenu.UMenuGameRulesBase
AfterCreate, BeforePaint, Created, FragChanged, LoadCurrentValues, MaxPlayersChanged, MaxSpectatorsChanged, Notify, SetupNetworkOptions, TimeChanged, WeaponsChecked

Variables Detail

FFHelp Source code

var localized string FFHelp;

FFSlider Source code

var UWindowHSliderControl FFSlider;

FFText Source code

var localized string FFText;

Functions Detail

BeforePaint Source code

function BeforePaint ( Canvas C, float X, float Y) )

Created Source code

function Created ( ) )

FFChanged Source code

function FFChanged ( ) )

Notify Source code

function Notify ( UWindowDialogControl C, byte E) )


     FFText="Friendly Fire:"
     FFHelp="Slide to adjust the amount of damage friendly fire imparts to other teammates."

Overview Package Class Source Class tree Glossary
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