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+-- UWindow.UWindowBase
   +-- UWindow.UWindowWindow
      +-- UWindow.UWindowClientWindow
         +-- UWindow.UWindowDialogClientWindow
            +-- UWindow.UWindowPageWindow
               +-- UMenu.UMenuPageWindow
                  +-- UMenu.UMenuBotConfigBase
                     +-- UMenu.UMenuBotConfigClientWindow

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from UMenu.UMenuBotConfigBase
AtLeastOneBotText, AtLeastOneBotTitle, AutoAdjustCheck, AutoAdjustHelp, AutoAdjustText, BaseCombo, BaseHelp, BaseText, BotmatchParent, ConfigBots, ConfigBotsHelp, ConfigBotsText, ControlOffset, Initialized, NumBotsEdit, NumBotsHelp, NumBotsText, RandomCheck, RandomHelp, RandomText, Skills[8], SkillTaunts[8], TauntLabel

Functions Summary
function AutoAdjustChecked ()))
function BaseChanged ()))
function BeforePaint (Canvas C, float x, float Y))
function BIMChanged ()))
function ConfigureIndivBots ()))
function Created ()))
function LoadCurrentValues ()))
function Notify (UWindowDialogControl C, byte E))
function NumBotsChanged ()))
function RandomChecked ()))
function SaveConfigs ()))
Inherited Functions from UMenu.UMenuBotConfigBase
AfterCreate, AutoAdjustChecked, BaseChanged, BeforePaint, ConfigureIndivBots, Created, LoadCurrentValues, Notify, NumBotsChanged, RandomChecked, SetBotmatchParent
Inherited Functions from UMenu.UMenuPageWindow
Notify, Paint

Variables Detail

BIMCheck Source code

var UWindowCheckbox BIMCheck;

BIMHelp Source code

var localized string BIMHelp;

BIMText Source code

var localized string BIMText;

BotConfig Source code

var Class<BotInfo> BotConfig;

Functions Detail

AutoAdjustChecked Source code

function AutoAdjustChecked ( ) )

BaseChanged Source code

function BaseChanged ( ) )

BeforePaint Source code

function BeforePaint ( Canvas C, float x, float Y) )

BIMChanged Source code

function BIMChanged ( ) )

ConfigureIndivBots Source code

function ConfigureIndivBots ( ) )

Created Source code

function Created ( ) )

LoadCurrentValues Source code

function LoadCurrentValues ( ) )

Notify Source code

function Notify ( UWindowDialogControl C, byte E) )

NumBotsChanged Source code

function NumBotsChanged ( ) )

RandomChecked Source code

function RandomChecked ( ) )

SaveConfigs Source code

function SaveConfigs ( ) )


     BIMText="Enable Bots"
     BIMHelp="If checked, bots will be present in your new multiplayer game."

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