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+-- Engine.Actor
   +-- Engine.HUD
      +-- Botpack.ChallengeHUD
         +-- Botpack.CHEOLHud

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from Botpack.ChallengeHUD
AuthorString, AuthorString2, bAlwaysHideFrags, BaseColor, bDrawFaceArea, bDrawMessageArea, bForceScores, bHideAllWeapons, bHideAmmo, bHideCenterMessages, bHideFaces, bHideFrags, bHideHUD, bHideNoviceMessages, bHideStatus, bHideTeamInfo, bLowRes, BlueColor, bResChanged, bShowInfo, bStartUpMessage, bTiedScore, bTimeValid, bUseTeamColor, Count, CrosshairColor, CrosshairCount, CrossHairs[20], CrossHairTextures[20], CurrentMessage, CyanColor, FaceAreaOffset, FaceColor, FaceTeam, FaceTexture, FaceTime, FavoriteHUDColor, FontInfoClass, FP1[3], FP2[3], FP3[3], GoldColor, GrayColor, GrayWeapons[11], GreenColor, HitDamage[4], HitPos[4], HitTime[4], HUDColor, HUDScale, IdentifyCallsign, IdentifyFadeTime, IdentifyHealth, IdentifyName, IdentifyTarget, LastReportedTime, lead, LiveFeed, LocalMessages[10], MapTitleString, MapTitleString2, MessageFadeCount, MessageFadeTime, MinFaceAreaOffset, MOTDFadeOutTime, MyFonts, OldClipX, Opacity, PawnOwner, PickupTime, PlayerCount, PlayerCountString, PurpleColor, rank, RankString, ReceivedMessage, ReceivedName, ReceivedTime, ReceivedZone, RedColor, Scale, ScoreTime, ServerInfo, ServerInfoClass, ShortMessageQueue[4], SizeY, SolidHUDColor, SpreadString, StatusScale, Style, TimeMessageClass, TurqColor, TutIconBlink, TutIconTex, TutIconX, TutIconY, UnitColor, VersionMessage, WeaponNameFade, WeaponScale, WhiteColor
Inherited Variables from Engine.HUD
Crosshair, HUDConfigWindowType, HudMode, HUDMutator, MainMenu, MainMenuType, PlayerOwner, WhiteColor

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from Engine.HUD

Functions Summary
functionbool DisplayMessages (canvas C ))
function PostRender (Canvas C ))
function Tick (float Delta))
Inherited Functions from Botpack.ChallengeHUD
ChangeCrosshair, Destroyed, DisplayMessages, DisplayProgressMessage, DrawAmmo, DrawBigNum, DrawCrossHair, DrawDigit, DrawFragCount, DrawGameSynopsis, DrawIdentifyInfo, DrawMOTD, DrawNextMessagePart, DrawSpeechArea, DrawStatus, DrawTalkFace, DrawTwoColorID, DrawTypingPrompt, DrawWeapons, GrowHUD, HUDSetup, LoadCrosshair, LocalizedMessage, Message, PostBeginPlay, PostRender, SetDamage, SetHUDB, SetHUDG, SetHUDR, SetIDColor, ShowServerInfo, ShrinkHUD, SpecialIdentify, TellTime, Tick, Timer, TraceIdentify, UpdateRankAndSpread
Inherited Functions from Engine.HUD
ChangeCrosshair, ChangeHud, ClearMessage, CopyMessage, DisplayMessages, DrawCrossHair, InputNumber, LocalizedMessage, Message, PlayReceivedMessage, PostRender, PreRender, ProcessKeyEvent

Variables Detail

ESCFadeTime Source code

var float ESCFadeTime;

ESCMessage Source code

var localized string ESCMessage;

Functions Detail

DisplayMessages Source code

simulated function bool DisplayMessages ( canvas C ) )

PostRender Source code

function PostRender ( Canvas C ) )

Tick Source code

function Tick ( float Delta) )


     ESCMessage="Press ESC to continue..."

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