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+-- Engine.Actor
   +-- Engine.Info
      +-- Engine.ScoreBoard
         +-- Botpack.TournamentScoreBoard
            +-- Botpack.TeamScoreBoard
               +-- Botpack.AssaultScoreBoard

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from Botpack.TeamScoreBoard
AltTeamColor[4], InString, OrdersString, OwnerGame, OwnerInfo, PlayersNotShown, TeamColor[4], TeamName[4]
Inherited Variables from Botpack.TournamentScoreBoard
Author, BlueColor, BronzeColor, bTimeDown, Continue, CyanColor, DeathsString, ElapsedTime, Ended, FPHString, FragGoal, FragsString, GoldColor, GreenColor, LightCyanColor, LossString, MapTitle, MapTitleQuote, MyFonts, Ordered[32], PingString, PlayerString, RedColor, RemainingTime, Restart, ScoreStart, SilverColor, TimeLimit, TimeString, WhiteColor

Functions Summary
function DrawVictoryConditions (Canvas Canvas))
function ShowScores (canvas Canvas ))
Inherited Functions from Botpack.TeamScoreBoard
DrawNameAndPing, DrawScore, DrawVictoryConditions, ShowScores
Inherited Functions from Botpack.TournamentScoreBoard
Destroyed, DrawCategoryHeaders, DrawHeader, DrawNameAndPing, DrawTrailer, DrawVictoryConditions, PostBeginPlay, ShowScores, SortScores, TwoDigitString

Variables Detail

AssaultCondition Source code

var localized string AssaultCondition;

Functions Detail

DrawVictoryConditions Source code

function DrawVictoryConditions ( Canvas Canvas) )

ShowScores Source code

function ShowScores ( canvas Canvas ) )


     AssaultCondition="Assault the Base!"
     FragGoal="Score Limit:"

Overview Package Class Source Class tree Glossary
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