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+-- UWindow.UWindowBase
   +-- UWindow.UWindowWindow
      +-- UTMenu.DemoStoryWindow

Constants Summary
Inherited Contants from UWindow.UWindowWindow
DE_Change, DE_Click, DE_Created, DE_DoubleClick, DE_Enter, DE_EnterPressed, DE_Exit, DE_HelpChanged, DE_LMouseDown, DE_MClick, DE_MouseEnter, DE_MouseLeave, DE_MouseMove, DE_RClick, DE_WheelDownPressed, DE_WheelUpPressed
Inherited Contants from UWindow.UWindowBase
F_Bold, F_Large, F_LargeBold, F_Normal

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from UWindow.UWindowWindow
ActiveWindow, bAcceptsFocus, bAcceptsHotKeys, bAlwaysBehind, bAlwaysOnTop, bIgnoreLDoubleClick, bIgnoreMDoubleClick, bIgnoreRDoubleClick, bLeaveOnscreen, bMMouseDown, bMouseDown, bNoClip, bRMouseDown, bTransient, bUWindowActive, bWindowVisible, ClickTime, ClickX, ClickY, ClippingRegion, Cursor, FirstChildWindow, LastChildWindow, LookAndFeel, MClickTime, MClickX, MClickY, ModalWindow, NextSiblingWindow, OwnerWindow, ParentWindow, PrevSiblingWindow, RClickTime, RClickX, RClickY, Root, WinHeight, WinLeft, WinTop, WinWidth

Enumerations Summary
Inherited Enumerations from UWindow.UWindowWindow
Inherited Enumerations from UWindow.UWindowBase
FrameHitTest, MenuSound, MessageBoxButtons, MessageBoxResult, PropertyCondition, TextAlign

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from UWindow.UWindowWindow
Inherited Structures from UWindow.UWindowBase
HTMLStyle, Region, TexRegion

Functions Summary
function Close (optional bool bByParent))
function Created ()))
function Paint (Canvas C, float X, float Y))
event Tick (float Delta))
Inherited Functions from UWindow.UWindowWindow
Activated, ActivateWindow, AfterCreate, AfterPaint, BeforeCreate, BeforePaint, BeginPlay, BringToFront, CancelAcceptsFocus, CheckKeyFocusWindow, CheckMousePassThrough, Click, ClipText, ClipTextWidth, Close, Created, CreateWindow, Deactivated, DoTick, DoubleClick, DrawClippedActor, DrawClippedTexture, DrawHorizTiledPieces, DrawMiscBevel, DrawStretchedTexture, DrawStretchedTextureSegment, DrawUpBevel, DrawVertTiledPieces, EscClose, FindChildWindow, FindWindowUnder, FocusOtherWindow, FocusWindow, GetDesiredDimensions, GetEntryLevel, GetLevel, GetLookAndFeelTexture, GetMouseXY, GetParent, GetPlayerOwner, GlobalToWindow, HideChildWindow, HideWindow, HotKeyDown, HotKeyUp, IsActive, KeyDown, KeyFocusEnter, KeyFocusExit, KeyType, KeyUp, LMouseDown, LMouseUp, MClick, MDoubleClick, MessageBox, MessageBoxDone, MessageClients, MMouseDown, MMouseUp, MouseEnter, MouseIsOver, MouseLeave, MouseMove, NotifyAfterLevelChange, NotifyBeforeLevelChange, NotifyQuitUnreal, Paint, PaintClients, ParseAmpersand, ProcessMenuKey, PropagateKey, RClick, RDoubleClick, RemoveAmpersand, ReplaceText, Resized, ResolutionChanged, RMouseDown, RMouseUp, SaveConfigs, SendToBack, SetAcceptsFocus, SetAcceptsHotKeys, SetCursor, SetMouseWindow, SetParent, SetSize, ShowChildWindow, ShowModal, ShowWindow, StripCRLF, TextSize, Tick, Tile, ToolTip, WaitModal, WindowEvent, WindowHidden, WindowIsVisible, WindowShown, WindowToGlobal, WrapClipText
Inherited Functions from UWindow.UWindowBase
BuildObjectWithProperties, GetRegion, InStrAfter, NewRegion, NewTexRegion

Variables Detail

TimeCount Source code

var float TimeCount;

YOffset2 Source code

var float YOffset2;


Message[5] Source code

var(DemoStoryWindow) localized string Message[5];

Title Source code

var(DemoStoryWindow) localized string Title;

Functions Detail

Close Source code

function Close ( optional bool bByParent) )

Created Source code

function Created ( ) )

Paint Source code

function Paint ( Canvas C, float X, float Y) )

Tick Source code

event Tick ( float Delta) )


     Message(0)="Thank you for playing the demo version of Unreal Tournament.  So much more is in store for you in the full version of the game.  You'll get 50 levels of pure gaming excitement, all the weapons, new game modes and much, much more.  For complete information about pricing, availability and the latest news point your web browser to http://www.UnrealTournament.com."
     Message(2)="This demo is based on a pre-release version of Unreal Tournament and you might experience problems with it.  We would sincerely appreciate your help in tracking down bugs.  Feel free to report any problems you encountered by sending an email to utbugs@epicgames.com."
     Message(3)="Thanks again for playing the Unreal Tournament demo!"
     Message(4)="Press [ESC] to continue."

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