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+-- UWindow.UWindowBase
   +-- UWindow.UWindowList
      +-- UMenu.UMenuModMenuItem

Direct Known Subclasses:


Constants Summary
Inherited Contants from UWindow.UWindowBase
F_Bold, F_Large, F_LargeBold, F_Normal

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from UWindow.UWindowList
bItemOrderChanged, BranchLeft, BranchRight, bSortSuspended, bSuspendableSort, bTreeSort, CompareCount, CurrentSortItem, InternalCount, Last, Next, ParentNode, Prev, Sentinel

Enumerations Summary
Inherited Enumerations from UWindow.UWindowBase
FrameHitTest, MenuSound, MessageBoxButtons, MessageBoxResult, PropertyCondition, TextAlign

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from UWindow.UWindowBase
HTMLStyle, Region, TexRegion

Functions Summary
function Execute ()))
function Setup ()))
Inherited Functions from UWindow.UWindowList
Append, AppendItem, AppendListCopy, Clear, Compare, ContinueSort, CopyExistingListItem, Count, CountShown, CreateItem, DestroyList, DestroyListItem, DisconnectList, DoAppendItem, FindEntry, GraftLeft, GraftRight, Insert, InsertAfter, InsertBefore, InsertItem, InsertItemAfter, InsertItemBefore, LeftMost, MoveItemSorted, Remove, RightMost, SetupSentinel, ShowThisItem, Sort, Tick, Validate
Inherited Functions from UWindow.UWindowBase
BuildObjectWithProperties, GetRegion, InStrAfter, NewRegion, NewTexRegion

Variables Detail

MenuCaption Source code

var localized string MenuCaption;

MenuHelp Source code

var localized string MenuHelp;

MenuItem Source code

var UWindowPulldownMenuItem MenuItem;

Functions Detail

Execute Source code

function Execute ( ) )
// Called when the menu item is created

Setup Source code

function Setup ( ) )


     MenuCaption="&My Mod"
     MenuHelp="This text goes on the status bar"

Overview Package Class Source Class tree Glossary
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