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+-- Engine.Actor
   +-- Engine.Menu
      +-- UnrealShare.UnrealMenu
         +-- UnrealShare.UnrealLongMenu
            +-- UnrealShare.UnrealQuitMenu

Variables Summary

Functions Summary
function DrawMenu (canvas Canvas))
functionbool ProcessLeft ()))
functionbool ProcessNo ()))
functionbool ProcessRight ()))
functionbool ProcessSelection ()))
functionbool ProcessYes ()))
Inherited Functions from UnrealShare.UnrealLongMenu
DrawBackGround, DrawHelpPanel, DrawMenu
Inherited Functions from UnrealShare.UnrealMenu
DrawList, DrawSlider, DrawTitle, PlayEnterSound, PlayModifySound, PlaySelectSound

Variables Detail

bResponse Source code

var bool bResponse;

NoSelString Source code

var localized string NoSelString;

YesSelString Source code

var localized string YesSelString;

Functions Detail

DrawMenu Source code

function DrawMenu ( canvas Canvas) )

ProcessLeft Source code

function bool ProcessLeft ( ) )

ProcessNo Source code

function bool ProcessNo ( ) )

ProcessRight Source code

function bool ProcessRight ( ) )

ProcessSelection Source code

function bool ProcessSelection ( ) )

ProcessYes Source code

function bool ProcessYes ( ) )


     YesSelString=" [YES]  No"
     NoSelString="  Yes  [NO]"
     HelpMessage(1)="Select yes and hit enter to return to your puny, miserable, useless real life, if you can't handle UNREALity."
     MenuList(0)="A Digital Extremes/Epic Megagames"
     MenuList(2)="Game Design: James Schmalz"
     MenuList(3)="Cliff Bleszinski"
     MenuList(4)="Level Design: Cliff Bleszinski"
     MenuList(5)="T. Elliot Cannon  Pancho Eekels"
     MenuList(6)="Jeremy War  Cedric Fiorentino"
     MenuList(7)="Shane Caudle"
     MenuList(8)="Animator: Dave Carter"
     MenuList(9)="Art: James Schmalz "
     MenuList(10)="Mike Leatham  Artur Bialas"
     MenuList(11)="Programming: Tim Sweeney  Steven Polge"
     MenuList(12)="Erik de Neve  James Schmalz"
     MenuList(13)="Carlo Vogelsang  Nick Michon"
     MenuList(14)="Music: Alexander Brandon"
     MenuList(15)="Michiel van den Bos"
     MenuList(16)="Sound Effects: Dave Ewing"
     MenuList(17)="Producer for GT: Jason Schreiber"
     MenuList(18)="Biz:Mark Rein Nigel Kent Craig Lafferty"

Overview Package Class Source Class tree Glossary
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